Our simple to use artificial intelligence schedule creation tool that significantly reduces administration time and cost and always empowers us to know how to best coordinate our security staff.
We remove the guess work and ensure the best matched security staff are automatically suggested and the personal preferences of staff are taken into consideration.


Our customers can have access to a web portal vital for reporting and communications. Putting you in control. You can view the security activity at a multitude of sites at the click of a button in real-time and view a variety of reports.


We can quickly identify where critical issues are occurring and respond effectively to ensure that compliance is achieved with customer satisfaction maintained.
By highlighting critical issues such as late arrivals, missed check calls and incidents as they occur the live view allows us to be proactive and manage by exception, giving management visibility of how our security officers are performing and helping to keep them safe.
Welfare checks are carried out with ease to ensure both our client’s property and our staff are safe at all times.


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