We have a dedicated professional security team for TV & Film and our lead people will work with you and your production team on the pre planning, liaising with local authorities and third parties from day one through to shoot day and all the way to the breakdown. 

Over the last few years our team have been lucky enough to work on some of the biggest productions in the UK and have demonstrated time and time again that we can manage ambition and achieve success to ensure our clients keep coming back to us.

We offer full location support to your production and provide recommendations for set security to ensure your production runs smoothly and free of disruption in line with your schedule.​

Studio Security

Location Security 

Set Security

Crew Security

Unit Base Security

Access Control

Traffic Management

Location Coning

Audience / Crowd Holding

Phone Shack

Artist Supervision

Close Protection

Location Drivers, Vehicles and Trailers


Our Static Patrol app allows our guards to book on and off their shifts, make check calls, scan check points, raise alerts and submit incident reports via electronic forms.

Employee well-being is also monitored as the app can provide check calls and access to site based documentation often critical to their safety, that must be viewed and confirmed.

In addition, employees can use the app to fill in electronic forms as well as view and confirm they have read site based documentation that may be critical to their well-being.

With the use of our technology our clients have the following benefits and many more:

We can deliver the service you require and back it up

Reduced time spent on reports

We can update your company policies to our system and ensure they are acknowledged by our workforce

Identify staff performance to keep up the highest levels of professionalism

More effective workers

Ensure employees have access to relevant training material, risk assessments, health and safety information and latest operational procedures


Due to Covid-19 restrictions we have scaled back our events team but will be back when we can and we hope to see you all again soon - This page will next be updated on the 4th July.


Here at Responsum Security our licenced security staff have undertaken specific loss prevention training so feel free to ask any member of our qualified team to make any recommendations to improve your retail security.

All our officers are trained in:

Relevant arrest procedures

Conflict management

Health and safety

Our staff our further trained regularly,  adopt and follow the ASCONE model in their day to day duties.

With a combination of both Uniformed Guards and Store Detectives being deployed at your premises we can provide full cover where needed. Our staff will work together alongside you by observing and identifying potential shoplifters, carrying out staff checks and conducting warehouse and delivery checks to ensure the highest security standards are carried out and maintained.


Here at Responsum we understand that for some people close protection has become a necessity due to the world becoming a more dangerous and volatile place. All of our operatives are highly trained mostly coming from a military background whilst some operatives coming in to the industry from specialist government units such as SO14 Royalty Protection and RMP CPU (Close Protection Unit).
All our operatives hold a UK Security Industry Authority licence that shows that they are qualified and legally able to lawfully take on and provide protection services. They are all thoroughly vetted and ready to deploy at a moments notice throughout the world.
Our CPOs can operate covertly or as a visible force to ensure that you can go about your life without having to look over your shoulder.


At Responsum Security we provide reliability and accountability for our customers by using our mobile patrol module. We have real-time situational awareness of where our security officers are. Our easy to use system allows us to create and assign tasks, dispatch guards to sites and see their activities on a map.
Scanning checkpoints via tags and directly submitting incident reports with photos from an enabled smartphone are just examples of the capabilities of what we can do for you. Our mobile security patrols can also facilitate key holding and alarm and response services.
Employee well-being is also monitored as the app can provide check calls and access to site-based documentation often critical to their safety, that must be viewed and confirmed.


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